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Supporting Good Causes Worldwide

The Chapel & York HK Foundation is part of the ever-increasing Family of Foundations set up by Chapel & York International.

The Family of Foundations were established to increase the flow of philanthropic funds to organisations worldwide. The Foundations offers charities, non‐profits, educational institutions, NGO’s and other organisations the opportunity to fundraise simply and effectively in countries without having to set up dedicated legal entities.

Having a family of foundations means we can offer you one solution for numbers of countries. In addition to established Foundations in the USA, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong, we are setting up new Foundations in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Canada in early 2018 with France, Germany and the rest of Europe to follow.

Chapel & York Foundations can help organisations fundraise in their countries by ensuring you have a presence in the country and enabling your donors to make tax-deductible or tax-effective donations. The Chapel & York HK Foundation is set up as a charity in Hong Kong under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. This means that we are able to issue gift receipts for Hong Kong tax purposes. Tax-deductible donations used outside HK can only be used for education, religion and poverty so affiliates of the Foundation will need to have programmes which fit these parameters.

We also support your fundraising with Local Support Services. These include everything from a Local Representative to Fundraising Support such as Grant Research and Writing and Event Management.

When you are part of the family Chapel & York looks after you.

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Membership with a Foundation or the Family of Foundations means you can immediately fundraise in a country without worrying about the regulatory, banking, donation processing or technical issues as this is all done for you. Donations are made to the Foundation who uses the funds to support you. We can accept donations from individuals, company sponsorship, grants from trusts and foundations, and government funding.

Organisations can apply to join an Individual Foundation or the entire Family of Foundations under two membership levels — Affiliate Fund or Named Fund.

Affiliate Fund

An Affiliate Fund is the less expensive option. You are listed as an Affiliate on the website and feature on a generic donation page drop-down list for donors to find you. There is an annual membership fee and a percentage of the funds you raise will be retained by the Foundation.

Named Fund

A Named Fund gives your organisation the most name recognition and coordination with your current entity. Retained fees are half that of the Affiliate Fund. Other benefits include a dedicated branded landing page for online donations and immediate notification of donations received.

One-off fees:

Evaluation fee – £250.00 (Affiliate Fund, Named Fund)
Dedicated branded donation form – £500.00 (Named Fund Only)

Annual Membership fees:

1 x Single Foundation: Affiliate Fund – £250.00 pa
The Family of Foundations: Affiliate Fund – £500.00 pa

1 x Single Foundation: Named Fund – £2000.00 pa
The Family of Foundations: Named Fund – £5000.00 pa

With an Affiliate Fund Membership, a 2% Retention Rate is charged by the Foundation(s) on all donations.
With a Named Fund Membership, a 1% Retention Rate is charged by the Foundation(s) on all donations.

Calculated on the net donation amount received, minus processing fees.

Please note: An additional processing fee (3.4% + HKD $2.35 per donation) applies to all contributions received by credit card through our online giving payment portal merchant (STRIPE).


If you would like to submit an application offline please contact applications@chapel-york.com

Your application will not be considered unless we have the correct paperwork, a fully completed form and payment has been received. Your application is evaluated against the criteria for the one or all countries depending on your membership. We will review your governing documents, mission, vision, current activities, and financial statements to ensure your organisation is able to receive grants in the appropriate countries. Once we are satisfied that your organisation meets the criteria for each country, your application will be submitted for Trustee approval in the appropriate countries. The Boards of the Chapel & York Foundations meet once every three months to consider applications for evaluation and you will be notified of the outcome as soon as possible. If any application is rejected your membership fee will be immediately refunded.


Free Trial



Affiliate Fund

£250/$2,560 HKD

per annum

2% retention rate per donation

Listed as dropdown on Foundation page

Monthly donation reports

Initial Evaluation fee of £250/ $2,550 HKD

Named Fund

£2,000/ $20,444 HKD

per annum

1% retention rate per donation

Each Named Fund recieves a dedicated and branded donation page

Immediate donation notifications

Initial Evaluation fee of £250/ $2550 HKD


Free Trial



Family of Foundations

£500/ $5,120 HKD (Affiliate) per annum

£5,000/$51,200 HKD (Named) per annum


Establish an immediate international presence

One application to become a member of our Family of Foundations: USA, UK, Hong Kong & Netherlands

Receive a find with future Foundations when they are established - Canada and Switzerland launching soon!

Initial Evaluation fee of £550/$5,620 HKD required with application

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Fundraising Support.

Planning an event from abroad poses many logistical challenges. You may need guidance regarding the venue, timing, and promotion. Events are always best when they are organised and run locally. We can help plan and execute your events using our regional knowledge and staff; we can even pay vendors through our Foundations.

We can provide grant research and grant-writing services, as well as supporting other fundraising you undertake.


Local Representative.

Whether your organisation has its own dedicated entity or a fund with a Chapel & York Foundation, having a representative on the ground who is able to engage with your stakeholders, provide local knowledge, and in-person meetings can be crucial to your success.

Chapel & York will provide a local, experienced professional to represent your organisation in the country.

Your organisation tells us how much time you would like your local representative to spend on your work – the more time booked in advance, the better the rate.

No matter which services the local representative undertakes for you, having someone in-country will ensure your stakeholders feel supported and valued by your organisation.

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Single or Occasional Gifts.

A Foundation can help if your organization is anticipating a single or occasional gift but does not wish to enter into an ongoing membership relationship with the Foundation. An application needs to be submitted but no membership fee is required. There is an evaluation fee before the first donation. There is a 5% retention rate for single or occasional gifts.

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Donors can support the work of charitable organisations by making a single or occasional donation to the Foundation for the support of organisations worldwide.


If you prefer to make a donation via cheque or via credit card (offline), please download and complete a Donation Form. Fill in your details, chosen organisation and donation amount – including your chosen method of payment – and return to us either via a scanned email attachment to info@chapel-yorkhkfoundation.org or by mail to:

Hong Kong Foundation for Charities Limited
Unit B, 19/F, Queen’s Centre, 58-64 Queen’s Road East
Wanchai, Hong Kong

The Chapel & York HK Foundation is the trading name of the Hong Kong Foundation for Charities Ltd, an HK based charitable company registered under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.

Chapel & York HK FoundationChapel & York HK Foundation
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We’re here to provide you with more information and to answer any questions you may have. Use the form below to send us an e-mail. Alternatively, you can give us a call +852 9162 6036. (Monday – Friday. 8.30am – 5.00pm, except Public Holidays)

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The Chapel & York HK Foundation is the trading name of the Hong Kong Foundation for Charities Ltd, an HK based charitable company registered under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.

Hong Kong Foundation for Charities Limited
Unit B, 19/F, Queen’s Centre,
58-64 Queen’s Road East,
Wanchai, Hong Kong

Registration Number 65159428-000

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